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nto the bargain. ▓ I entered another inn facing● the square, but was thankful t▓o escape from it to the one I had first ▓visited.Paying my “tanner” at a misshapen● wicket, I received


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a stub beari●ng the number of my sty and passed into ●the main room.It was furnished with benches, t▓ables, and a cooking establishm●ent.For four pence the guest mi▓ght have set before hi


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m an un▓appetizing, though fairly abunda▓nt, supper.By far the greater numb▓er of the inmates, however, were crowded around▓ several cooking stoves at the b●ack of the room.Water, fuel, a


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nd ut●ensils were provided gratis to all who had pa▓id their lodging.On the stoves was ●sputtering or boiling every variety of cheap f●ood, tended by tattered men who handle●d frying-pans

with their coat-tails as holders, ▓and cut up cabbages or peeled potatoe●s with knives on the blades ▓of which were half-inch deposits● of tobacco.Each ate his concoction with th●e greatest relish as soon as it sh▓owed the least sign of appro●aching an edible condition, general▓ly without any allowance of time f▓or boiling messes to cool, thereby suffering mo▓re than once dire injury. Three days l●ater I took passage for London a●nd on the afternoon following my● arrival embarked at Gravesend on the B●atavien II, bound for Rotterdam.The ste▓erage fare was five shilling

the Edinbu

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s; in view of the▓ accommodations, an extravagant pri▓ce.My only companion

s amid the▓ chaos of so-called mattresses strewn ab▓out the hold were a German Hufschmied and his▓ bedrag

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